The Toledo School Feeding Program Committee is made up of volunteers, mainly principals, from schools around the Toledo District. They strive to provide their students healthy and nutritious meals and snacks, because a student with an empty belly can’t learn at their best. The 20+ schools have a lot of needs — both infrastructure and ongoing support.

There is need for refrigerators, freezers, stoves, pots and pans, plates, bowls, and cups, countertops, storage containers, cooking utensils, and more. The Rotary Club of Punta Gorda partnered with the Rotary Club of Harbourside Victoria to help meet these needs. A matching grant application was sent to The Rotary Foundation to assist 5 of the schools meet these needs. Unfortunately, funds for 2009 – 2010 from the Rotary Foundation ran out. However, our clubs and districts have persevered and have begun implementing this good work without the matching funds! Purchase and delivery of much needed items has begun for the 5 schools! Thanks to everyone!

Grant Announcement Letter

Every school has some students who have greater needs than the average, and the feeding programs strive to serve these children. Some of the high school children leave home before 3am to reach school, and don’t reach home until after 6pm, and have little to eat imbetween. Food scholarships will als be much appreciated. Contact the Rotary Club of Punta Gorda if you can help!

The Rotary Club of Brentwood (Tennessee, USA) has partnered with us to set up a longer term program to support the School Feeding Programs and move them towards self-sustainability. For almost 4 years now they have adopted the school feeding programs in Aguacate, Indian Creek, Santa Elena, and Medina Bank. They are now ready to start working with Pueblo Viejo as well. Kudos to the dedicated folks from Brentwood who have made repeated trips to visit, to do work on the ground, and to focus on sustainable development for Toledo and the children.


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