The Rotary Foundation is a key component of Rotarians being able to bring help throughout the world. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is supported by donations by people from across the world, and we have a goal of support from Every Rotarian, Every Year. When the millions of Rotarians join together, we have the power to help improve the world!

The Rotary Club of Punta Gorda is proud to have achieved our goal of support by every member in our club during the 2010 – 11 Rotary year.

November is Rotary Foundation Month. All Rotarians can take great pride in the achievements of our Foundation, from our work for polio eradication to our Rotary Centers for International Studies to projects that improve lives every day. In Punta Gorda, several of our best projects are supported by The Rotary Foundation, including Providing Furnishings for the Dormitory for Medical Volunteers at Hillside Healthcare Clinic, Providing Wastewater Treatment for the PG Hospital, and providing potable water to the village of San Lucas. Support The Rotary Foundation!

Future Vision Addendum to Foundation Committee Manual

RI Past President Dong Kurn Lee says “We have a Foundation because our Foundation lifts Rotary up. It lets every club and every district do the most it possibly can. It allows every one of us to be part of all of Rotary’s work, and it brings that work to greater and greater heights.”

Together, we can do much more than we can apart.

Power Point about the Foundation


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