2012 – 2013

President– Lisa Avila of Beya Suites, email: lisa@beyasuites.com

Secretary and Past President Rick Mallory of Coral House Inn, email: coralhousebelize@yahoo.com

Treasurer Rob Pennel of Tropic Air, email: robertpennell@tropicair.com

Service Projects Chair and President Elect Sedric Arnold of Punta Gorda, sedric654@yahoo.com

Foundation  Chair and Past President Mark Miller of Plenty Belize, email: solarbelize@gmail.com

Public Relations Chair Jo Audinett, email: joscottsmith@gmail.com

Administration Chair Adele Nery, email: kieneka@yahoo.com

Youth Chair Annelita Garcia, email: annelita_4@yahoo.com

Past President Olive Woodeye, email: teacholive1@gmail.com


3 Responses to “Board of PG Rotary Club”

  1. Ovel Leonardo Says:

    Great Job Folks, Keep up the good work. Please give my regards to all Members.

    1. Lisa Woodye-Avila Says:

      Hi Ovel, thanks for comments, trying to keep it up,
      your encouragement helps.


  2. Andrew Geisterfer Says:

    I am looking for someone to assist with linking up a Rotary Club in Edmonton, Alberta Canada to a school in your area. Email me if you are interested. andrew@rivercitylawgroup.com

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