The Rotary Club of Punta Gorda teamed up with the Rotary Club of Kingston-North Kitsap to provide potable drinking water for every home in a remote village in Toledo! We also be worked with two local partners: Plenty Belize is a local NGO that will be providing solar powered water pumping for the project; the Government of Belize, through then local area representative and Minister of Human Development and Transformation, the Honourable Peter Eden Martinez,  assisted with the development of a water board to manage the village system, etc.

This project was submitted to the Rotary Foundation in July 2009 for matching funds. We were awarded the matching grant, in March 2010 the funds were recieved.  The government of Belize has drilled two wells in the village of San Lucas but found insufficient water!  In discussion with all of the stakeholders, it was decided that GOB would work on an alternative system for San Lucas along with UNDP and SIF.

Rotary and Plenty Belize then decided to work with GOB in the next village of Graham Creek, that likewise has similar need for water.  With the solar water pump from Plenty Belize, and the majority of the water system from this Rotary project, the people of Graham Creek now have potable water available at their homes! Graham Creek is one of the most remote villages in the country of Belize, without road or sea access. Our club members have regularly hiked 2 1/2 hours after a long drive down a rocky road to help with the water system in Graham Creek! Now with clean water, absenteeism in the village primary school has dropped over 50% due to reduced water borne illnesses! Rotary — making a difference!

Safe drinking water — a basic human need!

Matching Grant Announcement Letter


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