Provisional Rotary Club of Punta GordaMeeting Notes – 29/03/08 

The special meeting took place at Machaca Hill Lodge at 6:00pm.


Club Members Present – Olive Woodye, Ralph Bardalez, Shaunna Sanchez, Kenrick Theus, Bruno Kuppinger, Mark Miller, Jose’ Chan, Ovel Leonardo, Nana Mensah, Joyce Lopez, Bartolo Teul, Roxie Aleman, Paul Mahun, and Rick Mallory.


Guests Present – Dr. Marcelo Coye, Jr. Espat, Paul Hunt, Two board members from Hillside Medical Clinic, Dr. Jim and Mr. Jeff, and Melisa Kuppinger.


Special guests, Dr. Coye, Mr. Espat, and Mr. Hunt are all from Belize City Rotary Clubs. Dr. Coye is incoming Regional Rotary Governor and Mr. Espat is past Regional Governor.  Mr. Hunt has been a very active Rotary member for several years and has been instrumental in starting other clubs in Belize.  Each of them gave short presentations about Rotary and what belonging to a club means to them.  Dr. Coye recommends that we all take time to review the Rotary International website to learn more about it.  He also noted that a missed meeting can be made-up two weeks before or two weeks after the meeting missed.  Mr. Espat talked about the 4 Ps of Rotary and the importance of each.  People, Passion, Pride and Participation.  Mr. Hunt talked about values of Rotarians and the importance of the four-way test and fellowship.   


The visit by the guests from Belize City is part of the process our club needs to go through in order to become chartered as a Club.  A discussion took place indicating that if everything is in order, our Club can be chartered by May.

 The next meeting will be held at our regular time and place, Grace’s Restaurant at 6:00 pm, Thursday, 3/04/08. 


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